No Mercy 2007 Report: “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton Becomes 2-Time WWE Champion In One Night

No Mercy began on an odd note with Vince McMahon coming to the ring and telling us once again about the WWE Title situation. He answered the question of who would rise up and take the reign’s of RAW after John Cena was forced to give up the WWE Title. In the midst of a sea of Y2J chants Vince McMahon named of a new champion, and he handed the title over to him. The new WWE Champion is “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton.

Some people were upset that Randy Orton was just handed the title, but the same thing happened with HHH when the World Heavyweight Title was introduced after the draft split. Orton’s first WWE title reign would go down in history as the 3rd shortest after HHH goated Vince McMahon into giving him a match. The Game won his 11th World title a short 11 mintues after Orton was awarded the title. HHH’s victory would start on a sour noted after Vince forced him to defend the title against Umaga, HHH did just that and put the Samoan Bulldozer out of commission with a Pedigee. Once again HHH would not have time to rest because Orton already requested his rematch and Vince made it a last man standing match. After several close calls, HHH made one mistake, and that allowed Randy Orton the split second he needed to land the RKO and win his second WWE Title…in the same night he won his first.

In other title news, Beth Phoenix won her first WWE Womens title, in a match where she had to carry Candice Michelle 95% of the way. Also, “The Animal” Batista retained his World Title after a Spider-Man like leap in the Punjabi Prison Match, he is the lesser of two evils, so be thankful he won. Finlay vs Rey Mysterio as well as CM Punk vs Big Daddy V are two matches that should have never been booked on a PPV. Matt Hardy and MVP had another one of their contests in which Matt Hardy won…and hurled on MVP. I have to admit that made me laugh. In a match that happened just so the competitor could get a paycheck, Mr. Kennedy and The Rednecks defeated The Hooliganz and Jeff Hardy. As soon as Mr. Kennedy was introduced you knew who was going to win that match.

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