Is John Cena Injured? Will Orton be the next Champ? What about Jericho?

It certainly seems that way, after Cena began favoring his right arm last night during his match with Mr. Kennedy. WWE is proceeding this morning as if WWE Champion John Cena does indeed have a torn right pectoral muscle that he suffered during his match last night on RAW against the returning Ken Kennedy. Cena is scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews today in Birmingham, Alabama for a full medical checkup to determine the exact severity of the injury. WWE will adjust the No Mercy PPV depending on his medical status.

There is a lot of concern inside the WWE locker room as if his pectoral muscle is indeed torn; normal rehabilitation time is four months. Cena is considered one of the top guys in the company and a severe injury such as this is a huge blow to WWE. For those that do not remember, Edge suffered a torn left pectoral muscle back in July and that is why he has been out of action.

So what does that mean for RAW and the WWE Championship? If Cena is indeed injured, there’s no doubt he’ll fight through the pain and wrestle on Sunday anyway – however, it almost seems a sure thing we’ll be seeing a new Champion walk out of No Mercy!

Speaking of No Mercy, another of the now infamous viral videos aired last night, only this time they pointed almost definitely at Shawn Michaels. The video, entitled 8.2.11/Savior_Self, had many clues pointing not at Jericho last week, but rather at Shawn Michaels. The clue most convincing for everyone is that 8, 2, and 11 are the alphanumeric versions of H, B, and K. With No Mercy this weekend, the only sure thing is that we don’t have to wait much longer to find out.

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