HUGE News for UFC: Brock Lesnar signed

During the UFC PPV tonight, former WWE champion and Wrestlemania XIX main eventer Brock Lesnar was seated in the front row. He was later interviewed by Joe Rogan and introduced as the latest signee for the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Lesnar made his Mixed Martial Arts debut this past summer, defeating Min Soo Kim in only 1:09 of the first round on June 2, 2007 at the K-1 Dynamite USA show in Los Angeles. Lesnar easily took down Kim and pummeled him with strikes for the win. Lesnar, who is expected to fight in UFC’s depleted heavyweight division (Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture announced he was leaving UFC last week) told Rogan he was “ready for war”.After a monster push that included several WWE title reigns and victories over The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Big Show and main eventing Wrestlemania in his first-ever appearance on the WWE’s flagship PPV, Lesnar walked out of the company in 2004 to attempt an NFL career. When he was cut from the Minnesota Vikings training camp, Lesnar turned down an offer to play for the NFL’s European division. He worked briefly for New Japan Pro Wrestling, including a short run as IWGP champion before starting to train in MMA.Lesnar has not wrestled professionally in the United States since his WWE departure, but did have brief negotiations with TNA several months back. His last professional wrestling bout was a loss to his Wrestlemania XIX main event opponent Kurt Angle during the debut of Antonio Inoki’s IGF promotion in Japan, unofficially losing the IWGP title he won in New Japan (and later vacated, although he kept possession of the title belt). There was no announcement as to Lesnar’s first UFC fight.Credit: PWInsider

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