Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ECW Title Match @ Cyber Sunday Announced

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced another match for this month’s WWE Cyber Sunday PPV. CM Punk will be defending his ECW Championship against the fans choice of Big Daddy V or The Miz or John Morrison.

Its pretty much a 100% guarantee that John Morrison will be facing CM Punk and will be walking away with the ECW Title. CM Punk was just supposed to be a place holder until John Morrison got back from suspension and with the ECW ratings not getting any better, you can bet Vince is blaming CM Punk for that, and not the shitty storylines he allows on ECW programming.


  1. Sucks so bad that ECW cant have something cool and creative and let it be where fans can vote on 3 former ECW stars/legends to face Punk. Anyone who hasnt been seen in awhile...even for 1 night...Sabu, Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Pitbull, Axl Rotten, Spike Dudley, Lance Storm....would be so much cooler than this boring predictable crap!

  2. It's interesting the 3 choices given. I think fans might vote for Tommy Dreamer if he was amongst those 3, but for some reason The Miz is there.