The General’s Cyber Sunday Predictions

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs HBK, Mr Kennedy or Jeff Hardy
CHALLENGER: HBK, not counting out Jeff Hardy due to all his fans(girls) however.
WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista vs The Undertaker: Special Guest Referee Stone Cold, JBL, or Mick Foley
REFEREE: JBL, unlikely though because of Austin’s fanbase. Don’t want to see Austin return for this match.
WINNER: Batista is walking away with the title somehow even if it means by DQ or countout.

ECW World Title Match
CM Punk vs Big Daddy V, John Morrison, or The Miz
CHALLENGER: Morrison, but The Miz seems likely too because I see him as one of those guys with a big fanbase due to his MTV’ers.
WINNER: Morrison if he gets in, CM Punk is it’s The Miz.

HHH vs Umaga: Street Fight, First Blood, or Steel Cage
MATCH: First Blood, yeah I know it’s unlikely but I’d like to see it.

Matt Hardy vs MVP: Boxing Match, Wrestling Match, or MMA Match
WINNER: Matt Hardy

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay: Stretcher Match, No DQ Match, Shillelagh on a Pole Match
MATCH: Stretcher Match
WINNER: Finlay

Divas Halloween Costume Contest
WINNER: Apparently Lilian Gracia is in it and I’d like to say her due to the album stuff, but I’m going with Maria.


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