DarkDefender85’s Top 25

  1. Batista – The Animal Sent The Deadman a Message with an explosive spear on Smackdown.
  2. Randy Orton – A tag team loss and a superkick moves the WWE Champion down a spot.
  3. HHH – The Game Got the Upperhand on Umaga in a Brawl.
  4. Umaga – Umaga gave as good as he got on RAW.
  5. Matt Hardy – A 7 inch gash in his head didnt stop him from beating Finlay and Mysterio in a tag match.
  6. CM Punk – The Straight Edge Superstar picked up a with on ECW with Balls Mahoneys help.
  7. Kane – The Big Red Machine picked up a huge win against Mark Henry.
  8. The Undertaker – The #1 contender chokeslammed JBL but got speared by Batista.
  9. MVP – The Ballin Superstar picked up a tag team win with Matt Hardy.
  10. Jeff Hardy – Jeff picked up the win for his team when he pinned Mr Kennedy.
  11. HBK – With Jeff Hardys help, The Showstopper picked up a tag win.
  12. Big Daddy V – Defeated Morrison and Miz in a Triple Threat.
  13. Finlay – Got the edge on Rey Mysterio with a shilleliegh to the gut.
  14. Rey Mysterio – A shilleliegh to the gut and a loss did not help Mysterio this week.
  15. Mr. Kennedy – Another loss does not help RAWs resident loud mouth.
  16. London and Kendrick – Picked up a win against the Tag Champions in a 6 man tag.
  17. Jesse and Festus – Another win helps this odd duo.
  18. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch – The tag champion were on the losing end this week.
  19. D.H. Smith – The baby bulldog got an impressive win in his Raw debut.
  20. John Morrison – The Shaman of Sexy Did not have a good week.
  21. The Miz – ECW’s Chick Magnet had an even worse week.
  22. Cody Rhodes – Picked up a win against Shelton Benjamin on RAW.
  23. Chuck Palumbo – In a WWE.com exclusive Chuck showed Dykstra The Full Throttle.
  24. Elijah Burke – Defeated Nunzio in a sprisingly competitive match.
  25. Balls Mahoney – With CM Punks help, Balls finally got another win on ECW.

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