DarkDefender85’s Top 25

  1. Randy Orton – Becoming a 2 Time WWE Champion in One Night Would Make Anyone #1
  2. HHH – The Game Picked Up an 11th Title Reign, But Then Fumbled The Ball
  3. Umaga – He May Have Lost to HHH at No Mercy, but He Showed No Mercy on Raw.
  4. Batista – Retained His Title in The Punjabi Prison Match With a Spiderman Leap.
  5. The Undertaker – Pick up a Win on Smackdown and become the #1 contender
  6. Matt Hardy – Puked on MVP to win another contest but lost to the B.O.D.
  7. MVP – Got Puked On and Lost to the B.O.D.
  8. CM Punk – Got a DQ win over Big Daddy V but Lost to the returning Morrison
  9. Kane – Won a tag match with his brother The Undertaker
  10. The Great Khali – Lost a World Title match, but destroyed Jamie Noble
  11. Jeff Hardy – Defeated Mr Kennedy on RAW
  12. Mr. Kennedy – Put on a Clinic with Jeff Hardy
  13. Rey Mysterio – Put on a Great match with Finlay at No Mercy
  14. Cade & Murdoch – Got a win in a 6 man tag.
  15. Finlay – Destroyed Rey Mysterio at No Mercy
  16. John Morrison – Defeated injuried ECW Champion Punk in a non-title match
  17. Big Daddy V – Destroyed CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer.
  18. Chuck Palumbo – Defeated Chris Masters on Smackdown
  19. The Miz – Defeated Balls Mahoney
  20. London and Kendrick – Didnt have the best week, but showed what they can do
  21. Jesse and Festus – Picked up another win on Smackdown
  22. Snitsky – Defeated Val Venis on RAW
  23. HBK – Returned with A Vengence and with some Sweet Chin Music for Orton
  24. The Highlanders – Defeated London and Kendrick, but with help from the ring ropes.
  25. Kevin Throne – Picked up another win on ECW.

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