Monday, October 22, 2007


Chris Jericho has been interviewed on several radio shows in the past week to promote his upcoming book release. During the interviews, Jericho has been asked about his heavily rumored return to WWE. Each time, Jericho responds with vaugue and even misleading statements.

Contrary to what Jericho would like us to believe, reliable sources confirm that the plan is for Jericho to return to WWE at Cyber Sunday. However, if USA Network President Bonnie Hammer has her way, Jericho will return on an episode of RAW before the Pay-Per-view.

Bonnie Hammer has been very outspoken to WWE management about RAW's declining ratings. She has made countless storyline suggestions to WWE's creative team, none of which have been used.


  1. Where in that blog does it state that Jericho might come back tonight?

    It says, On an episode of Raw. Not, tonights Raw. Stop copying and pasting bullshit from wrestlezone its the worst fucking wrestling news site ever. That guy they got Ryan Clark fucking BLOWS.

  2. So I pop on this site from time to time to check up on my wrestling news and saw this today. So I get home, watch Raw and NOTHING. No Jericho. This gonna become a stupid rumor site like most other wrestling sites?

    Fuck this.