5 wrestlers that deserve gold, and never got it.

Im sure Im going to get comments on here about people bitching why their favorite wrestler isnt on here. Well its probably because either A. They did hold the WWF/WWE title and you never even thought about it. Or B. They suck and youre an idiot. Onward!

5. Jeff Hardy – He has held them all, the IC title, Hardcore title, European title, Tag Team title, Light Heavyweight title, seems like Im forgetting one… OH YEAH! The WWE title. We have seen him have one match for the title, in a ladder match against the Undertaker which to me is the best match that has ever been on Smackdown. No other WWE Superstar has put it all on the line and toughed it out as much as he has. True he is still in the company unlike the rest of the guys you will see on this list. But will he ever get his shot? I highly doubt it.

4. Ravishing Rick Rude – One of the best ring entrances there ever was. Val Venis tried to replicate it but, just wasnt the same. Rick Rude is probably the 2nd best to hold the IC title. He never held anything else but it. His feud with Jake the Snake was awesome. And of course who can forget Ricks tights?! When I was a kid having matches in the living room, that neckbreaker of his was one of the moves I kept in my arsenal.

3. Mr. Perfect – To me, the best IC champ ever. Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect at Summerslam for the IC title was probably one the best matches I have ever seen. Of course that Summerslam in my eyes is the best PPV there has ever been. When I was a kid. Mr. Perfect was one of my favorite wrestlers. He could do anything, throw himself a touchdown pass, make a basket on the court from anywhere he wanted, have the perfect dive, anything he wanted. Except get the WWE title, which to me would have capped off his character, perfectly.

2. The Million Dollar Man – Along with Perfect, Dibiase was my other favorite wrestler. Me and my friends would have contests to see who could do the best million dollar laugh. I always won. Of course, he was the FIRST EVER to be acknowledged as WWF North American champion. But of course, never the WWF Champion. He was the best heel, hardly ever lost a match, bought people off. And if they didnt take the money, he would kick their ass and stuff it down their throats. Bought his spot into the royal rumble. After Virgils stupid ass turned on him, Scary Sherri came aboard. And when Ted still could not get any other title besides his Million Dollar Championship, he decided it was time to form Money Inc. And become one of the best Tag Team Champions there ever was. And in his last big stint with the WWE, he was around as a manager and introduced the world to The Ringmaster… AKA… Stone Cold Steve Austin.

1. Jake The Snake Roberts – Now we go to the exact opposite of Jeff Hardy. Jake has never held a WWE title. No IC title, no Tag Team, no nothing. Yet he remained one of the greatest wrestlers and entertainers that WWE has ever seen. He is a legend. Nobody then, now, or in the future will have the stare, the intimidation, the flawless matches like Jake The Snake had. He had memorable feuds against people like Randy Savage, Undertaker, Ricky Steamboat, Rick Martel, Rick Rude, and of course the feud that terrorized our childhood, Earthquake. Unforgettable feuds that also had some great matches, the blindfold match, and the snake pit match. Nobody in the history of the business has been able to do what he did in his backstage promos. He did it all, is a legend, one of the best there was, and the man never even won a title. And that to me is why he is the greatest wrestler to never hold the gold.


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