10/26 Smackdown *SPOILERS*

Dark Match: Chuck Pulumbo def. Kenny Dykstra-both got good heat, pretty solid match.

MVP Lounge with Hardy/Finlay/Rey-hyped the tag match

Kane def Mark Henry-I thought Kane was going to do the job, glad he won.

MVP/Hardy def. Finlay/Rey-good match. Finlay turns on rey so that MVP/Hardy can pick up the win. Matt does a impressive blade job

Divas Segment

*Just a note JBL was getting massive heat all night. during commercial breaks we would chant JBL SUCKS*

Jamie Noble hits on Vicky, she puts him in a match with….

Batista def. Noble in about a minute

Jesse/Festus def. Nobodies in a short match

Big Daddy V def. Miz and Morrison in a triple threat.

JBL does a great promo before he interviews Undertaker. This guy has still got it. Undertaker comes out. JBL gets chokeslamed. Batista comes out, talks crap to Undertaker and then spears him(or was it a spinebuster?) as Batista is leaving, Undertaker gets up.

Dark match main event: Batista/Rey def. Khali/Finlay

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