Dark Match, WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (9/25/07) – Indianapolis, Indiana

Dark Match:

Jesse/Festus defeated Deuce/Domino

Video package aired for the SD wedding last week.

— Vince McMahon is with Vickie Guerrero in the back, he names her the new general manager of Smackdown

— Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson
Post match: Unnamed woman beat down Torrie Wilson.

MVP is having a one year celebration in the ring, Matt Hardy comes out to interrupt. Matt Hardy has a video of MVP getting beat up over the past year by random people. Matt Hardy announces that MVP will face Kane tonight.

— Chuck Palumbo defeated Kenny Dykstra

Video clip of JBL in the ring with Rey Mysterio. They are hyping a confrontation between the two tonight

— Batista interview with Micheal Cole. Batista didn’t know what to expect with the Punjabi Prison match. When he gets backed in corner he becomes an animal.

— Kane defeated MVP via disqualification after MVP hit a low blow on Kane.

— Interview with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio and JBL are in the ring, JBL pushes Mysterio, Mysterio comes back and somehow hits a 619. Afterwards, Finlay comes out and beats down Mysterio.

— Vickie Guererro strips Hornswoggle of the Cruiserweight title.

— Jamie Noble defeated Shannon Moore

— Undertaker defeated Mark Henry. Post match druids come out and take Mark Henry away. Undertaker got the biggest pop of the night

Credit: wrestlingobserver.com

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