Matt Hardy and MVP: The Best Feud in the WWE

Do you remember when feuds in the WWE meant something? Do you remember when the fans would only cheer for the face and boo for the heel? Do you remember when a feud lasted more than 2 months? Do you remember when you could watch Wrestling without having to turn on the mute button? If so then Smackdown as a feud for you, Matt Hardy vs MVP.

Finally, a feud worth turning into Smackdown for! A few months ago Matt Hardy finally clawed his way up the Smackdown roster and got his long due shot at the United States title, but MVP bested him on that night. Those of you who know me know that I am one of the biggest Matt Hardy marks on the net, but in my honest in opinion this is the best feud in the WWE.

Some of you may be thinking that Cena vs Orton is the best feud? Well you are wrong! Cena vs Orton is a feud that tries to much to get you to hate Orton, but it just makes you like him even more for what he is doing to John Cena. With MVP vs Matt Hardy, you know who to cheer for and who to boo for. Matt Hardy is the perennial underdog in the WWE while MVP plays the part of Smackdown’s franchise playa. Someone who is the “highest paid wrestler on Smackdown” MVP has said that he is better than anyone but only Matt Hardy has proved that he is better than him. Matt has defeated MVP in wrestling, basketball, arm wrestling, chess, and football.

To make this feud last longer than Matt Hardy and MVP have been forced into teaming together and have captured the WWE Tag Team Titles. This has been done in the past with teams like Edge and the late Chris Benoit, but it was blown off in a week or two. Matt and MVP defeated The Greasers for the title with MVP getting the pin after Hardy did all the work, but they kept them when Matt used MVP as a battering ram and scored the pin at Unforgiven. Some time soon these two are going to have to drop the tag titles and continue their feud for the United States Title. When that day comes, I will believe that Matt Hardy will finally get his due and will receive his first singles title. Both of these men are great athletes and are the future of the WWE. It is only a matter of time before these two aren’t fighting for the US title, but the World Heavyweight Title.


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