Monday, December 31, 2007

JBL's Smackdown Annoucing Replacement Is.... is reporting that Jonathan Coachman has been tapped to replace John Bradshaw Layfield as the Friday Night SmackDown! color commentator.

The switch was revealed at Sunday night's WWE event, which features the taping of the first ECW and SmackDown! episodes of the new year.

JBL departed the announce booth in order to return to the ring as an active RAW brand Superstar. Michael Cole will continue his long-running role as SmackDown's play-by-play man.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is Torrie Wilson's career as a WWE Diva almost over?

Torrie Wilson has posted an update on her back issues in her latest blog.

Wilson writes, "On the health front, my back problems don't seem to be getting any better and I am actually starting to feel worse believe it or not! It's gotten to the point that I can barely stand up in the morning. I've never really been hurt before so this is really REALLY annoying to me. I can't stand feeling frail and just want to go back to my active lifestyle. I am looking into another type of treatment right now that looks promising so let's hope this problem goes away soon. Please pray for me! I have actually been out of the action in the wrestling ring for quite some time and am really starting to miss it."

This is interesting, as Torrie has been with the company for just about longer than any of the other current divas. She's been involved in Pro-Wrestling for even longer, as part of WCW. I'd hate to see her out of the action due to back problems, but then I never thought she had a place actually WRESTLING in the first place. She was always best as a valet, or involved in some kind of angle backstage. She never should've been wrestling to begin with... but o'well. Hopefully she'll bounce BACK. ;)

Heat and RAW Spoilers for 12/31/07

RAW and Heat Spoilers

Dark Match:

Brian Kendrick vs "The Natural" Nick Nameth w/ ???
Nick come out with some muscular dude that I did not reckonize and I couldnt catch his name. Brian Kendrick wins with a Small Package. Im still wondering who Paul London pissed off, he hasnt been seen on TV in a long while.

Heat Matches:

Snisky vs Super Crazy
Snisky wins with a pumphandle slam, typical jobber match.

D.H. Smith vs Jobber
D.H. Smith wins with a Back Suplex.

Charlie Haas vs Drew McEntyre
Drew wins with a Northern Lights Suplex. Charlie Haas has a new gimmick where he goes under the ring and puts on a luchadore mask for some reason.

No Opening Pyro
RAW starts off with Randy Orton in the ring talking about how 2007 is the best year of his career and how 2008 will be even better. Jeff Hardy comes out to shut him up and cuts a pretty decent promo. Orton tries to give Jeff an RKO but Jeff reverses it into a Twist of Fate.

Backstage Segment
Matt and Jeff Hardy talking about how Jeff is going to win at the Rumble and when he does he will give Matt the first title match.

Kennedy vs HBK
Kennedy wins after he reverses the Superkick into a Complete Shot, or as I like to call it, the Kenplete Shot.

Backstage Segment
Vince makes a match for later, Regal vs Hornswoggle.

Umaga vs Hacksaw - Royal Rumble Qualifier
Umaga win in 2 mintues after the Samoan Spike

Backstage Segment
HHH is interviewed by Todd Grisham, Vince interupts and says if HHH loses in any way, he will not be in the Royal Rumble match.

JBL Returns
He comes to the ring and three HUGE sets of pryo goes off after he gets into the ring. He cuts a promo on how he is better and richer than everyone, Jericho interrupts and they have a good old fashioned brawl.

Mickie James vs Melina vs Beth Phoenix - Womens Title Match
Beth retains after giving Melina the Fishermans suplex.

Jeff Hardy vs Santino Marella w/ Maria and Carlito
Match ends in a No Contest after Randy Orton comes on the Titantron from backstage, he shows Jeff that he has beaten up Matt, and then gives Matt the concussion kick.

Backstage Segment
Jeff rushes to his brother side, and Orton has run from sight.

Hornswoggle vs William Regal
The match ends in a no contest after Vince hands Regal his brass knucks, but he cant hit Hornswoggle. Vince barraids Regal in the ring and Regal just walks away.

Backstage Segment
HHH and Flair have a discussion about their upcoming match.

HHH vs Ric Flair
Ric Flair wins via DQ after Regal comes down and punches Flair after HHH pedigrees the Nature Boy.

Biggest Pops
1. Ric Flair
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Chris Jericho

Biggest Heat
1. JBL
2. Randy Orton
3. HHH (While Attacking Flair in their match)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Breaking News: WWE Superstar INURED at RAW Taping!

The following comes from

Former World Tag Team Champion Lance Cade was injured after separating his left shoulder at a live event in Atlanta on Friday night.

According to athletic trainer Chris Brennan, the severity of Cade’s injury cannot be determined until he undergoes an orthopedic evaluation.

“Lance could be out of action for four to six weeks,” Brennan told “Of course, those numbers could change depending on the orthopedic evaluation.” will update this situation as more information becomes available.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Photos of Nancy Benoit in the NUDE to appear in Hustler Magazine.

Several Wrestling Rumor sites are reporting that the upcoming issue of Hustler magazine (March 2008) has a two page spread of nude photos of the late Nancy Benoit (seen left). Apparently these images are from when she was married to Jim Daus. Apparently she was touring doing bikini and wet t-shirt competitions in Florida when one of the hosts told her she should be in Penthouse. He set up a photo shoot for her and then videotaped the photo shoot. Nancy never submitted the photos and later had them destroyed but either never knew about or got the video which is now in the possession of Hustler.

**Update: The topless pics can now be seen at: Nancy Benoit Nude Hustler Photos

WWE Diva Maria poses in Playboy!

Take this for what it's worth, but rumor around the net right now is that WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has posed for Playboy today. Whether or not the rumor is true, or even if she posed nude is still up in the air. Stay tuned to Ultra Wrestling Roundup for the late breaking details.

Check out the Divas of WWE Monday Night Raw at!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Stone Cold Changes Name

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is following in the footsteps of Ultimate Warror and Chyna as he has legally changed his real name to his wrestling name. "Stone Cold" has legally changed his name from Steve Williams to Steve Austin.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

DarkDefender85's Best of 2007

Best commentator/announcer of 2007 - J.R. - There is a reason he is the gold stardard of professional wrestling commentary.

Best PPV of 2007 - Wrestlemania 23 - Its the only WWE PPV I buy every year.

Best weekly wrestling television show of 2007 - RAW - RAW is the gold standard of TV shows and has been for 15 years.

Most improved wrestler of 2007 - Matt Hardy - I may be a Hardy mark, but Matt has shown this year that he is more than just "The Other Hardy" in his fued with MVP.

Best tag-team of 2007 - The Hardys - They showed that they are the best tag team of this and any other recent generation, adding another tag title riegn to their record.

Worst/Most hated wrestler of 2007 - Kurt Angle - He is the biggest piece of crap in wrestling as has proven it with his Nazi like tactics backstage in TNA.

Best wrestling promotion of 2007 - WWE - Its the WWE...duh

Worst wrestling promotion of 2007 - TNA - It has gonna from competition for WWE to the next company Vince is going to buy.

Match of the year 2007 - John Cena vs HBK from RAW - It was a one hour showcase of what professional wrestling should be.

Feud of the year 2007 - Matt Hardy vs MVP - I cant wait for Matt to come back from injury to restart this feud.

Best overall wrestler of 2007 - HBK - He showed me this year that there is a reason he is still called The Icon.

Diva of the Year - Beth Phoenix - She took out Candice Michelle, I wish I could thank her for that.

Shocker of the Year - The Benoit Tragedy - No one EVER saw that coming.

Comeback of the Year - Chris Jericho - Only he can Save Us from boring promos and tedious matches.

Rookie of the Year - Santino Marrella - He may have been useless as a face, but as a heel he has found his niche in the WWE, expect big things from him in 2008.

Breakout Star in 2008 - Jeff Hardy - In 2008, I believe that Jeff Hardy will be the one man who will break through and show everyone that he can be a main eventer. I also expect him to get the WWE Title around his waist by late 2008.

Major Brothers Update

- The Major brothers, now aligning themselves with Edge have had a gimmick change and are now known as Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Collectively they will be the "Edge Heads," a pair of crazy Edge fans.

FYI, The Major Brothers "Real Names" are not their real names. Its like when Johnny Nitro became John Morrison.

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Edge - The Rated R Superstar climbs to the top after beating Batista and The Undertaker.
  2. Jeff Hardy - The Swantoning Superstar is on the roll of his life after beating HHH and Randy Orton.
  3. HBK - The Showstopper stopped Mr. Kennedy with Sweet Chin Music.
  4. Batista - After losing the World Title and losing again on Smackdown, it looks like the Animal has been put to sleep.
  5. CM Punk - A Dq win over MVP and a 6 man tag win help Punk this week.
  6. Rey Mysterio - A countout win over MVP helps the 619er.
  7. Randy Orton - The WWE Champion is coming up sweet with a loss to Chris Jericho and getting pinned by Jeff Hardy.
  8. HHH - The Game seems to be on pause, making fun of Vince McMahon isnt going to help HHH.
  9. Finlay - A Win over The Great Khali skyrockets Finlay in the Top 25.
  10. The Undertaker - He didnt get pinned at Armageddon but didnt win the gold.
  11. Big Daddy V - Pinning the ECW Champion helps ECWs Monster.
  12. MVP - The US Champion isnt acting like a champion these days.
  13. Ric Flair - The Nature Boy will not go quiet into that good night.
  14. Chris Jericho - A war of words with JBL and a DQ win over Orton help Jericho.
  15. Mr. Kennedy - In impressive match with HBK help Kennedy.
  16. Rhodes and Holly - The new tag champion keep the gold after beating Cade and Murdoch.
  17. Shelton Benjamin - The new gold standard of ECW keeps on winning.
  18. Carlito and Santino - The new tag team get a win over London and Kendrick.
  19. Miz and Morrison - The WWE Tag Champion tasted defeat on ECW.
  20. Umaga - The Samoan Bulldozer plowed through a barricade but lost to Ric Flair.
  21. Mark Henry - The World Strongest Man got a win with Big Daddy V by his side.
  22. Moore Wang - Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang proved to be a lethal combo with a win over the WWE Tag Team Champions.
  23. Ryder and Hawkings - The Former Major Brothers helped Edge win and keep the World Title this week.
  24. Jesse and Festus - The Odd Pair get a win after Festus beat Domino.
  25. The Great Khali - The Giant got toppled by a Fighting Irishman

Monday, December 17, 2007

WWE Armageddon: Afterthoughts

Last night, WWE Armageddon went down live from Pittsburgh, PA (where earlier in the day my Jaguars stomped all over the Steelers), and the night saw several impressive performances, and even a couple shockers.

The first match of the night would see MVP facing off against Rey Mysterio with the US title on the line. MVP would manage to squeak by, losing by way of count out, but keeping his title in the process.

Afterthought: Where do they go from here? MVP is established as a tweener, but this is his latest in many lackluster feuds. It's time to get the US strap off of him, and get him involved in something mainevent status. I think he could pull it off.

Match numero dos came to use from the ECW front, as CM Punk and Kane squared off against Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. As to be expected, V and Henry put the squash on, with BDV pinning Punk.

Afterthought: Lame. Punk didn't belong in this "feud" to begin with. ECW in itself is really an afterthought. I can't even tell you the last time I watched it. Which channel is Sci-Fi?

The third match of the night had all the makings to be an instant classic, and really in my opinion should have been saved for closer to Wrestlemania - because it featured my two favorite RAW superstars, Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels going one on one. Unfortunately for Mr. K, Shaw Michaels never fails to impress, as he landed some SCM for the win.

Afterthought: Definitely an instant classic. Too bad it was on an Armageddon.

Match four was for a WWE title shot at the Royal Rumble, and it saw former allies Triple H and Jeff Hardy squaring off. Surprising to me and everyone else, Jeff Hardy pulled out the win, with a quick flip over pin. states that HHH isn't to happy, and could be looking for revenge tonight.

Afterthought: I don't expect to see Jeff Hardy facing anyone for the WWE Championship at the Rumble. I Do expect to see Triple H somehow win that shot away from him. Who knows where this one is going?

Up next was The Great Khali versus Finlay, and in Fin's corner - Hornswoggle! Believe it or not, after a lowblow from Hornswoggle, Finlay nails Khali with a second shillelagh and gets the pin!

Afterthough: Whaaaaaa. This was a take a piss match.

Next, Chris Jericho finally returned, and in doing so he claimed a shot at Randy Orton's WWE title. He didn't win a shot, he just came back and said he was taking one. I guess that's good enough? Anyways, just when it looked like Jericho had the match in the bag, with Orton locked in the Walls of Jericho, JBL came out of nowhere and delivered a vicious kick right to the side of Jericho's head! The referee calls for the bell and Jericho is awarded the DQ victory, but what the hell?

Afterthought: WHAT THE FUCK?! Where did JBL come from, and WHY?! Rumors are he attacks Jericho again on the Christmas in Iraq special, which airs on Christmas Eve. Man oh man, now there's a feud I wouldn't mind seeing. Guess Jericho is going to Smackdown? They need him!

Women's title match. Who gives a shit. The big blonde bitch beats the lesbian bitch, retains her title.

Afterthought: Mickie James has massive labia.

MAINEVENT: Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title. Edge vs Undertaker vs Batista. In the second big "shocker" of the night, Edge came away with his second World Title win, after using two DECOY EDGES (the Major Brothers) to distract Undertaker and Batista! Surprising, I know.

Afterthought: Holy Shit Three Edges?! I guess it's better than Batista as champ - cuz he sucks.

Well that's it, another WWE pay per view in the bag. Almost time for the Road to Wrestlemania to begin, and you can expect all the late-breaking news leading up to the big night right here at Ultra Wrestling Roundup!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CM Punk is a fuckass.

I never ever understood what the big deal was about CM Punk. The matches of his I have seen were boring as shit, he does nothing new or thrilling. And hes got a fuckin Pepsi tattoo or some shit. And I HATE Pepsi. And the whole straight edge gimmick is just gay.... hey speaking of....

remember the beer bash at the end of the 15th Anniversary of Raw show? Yeah.... I happened to watch it.... and I remember seeing CM Punk out there, drinking beer.... straight edge? Drinking beer? Way to keep your gimmick going you stupid piece of shit. IRS and Repo Man shoulda kicked your ass for being a queer.

I hate you CM Punk, you no talent assbag. And I hate Pepsi.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wrestlezone needs to learn them some Math Skills!

Ol Wrestlezone is at it again. This site is now known as the, WRESTLEZONE IS RETARDED LETS MAKE FUN OF THEM site.

Today, king knucklehead Ryan Clark reports....

“The Condemned” starring Steve Austin has done over $20.91 million in the video market which is more than triple what the film did in theaters.

“The Condemned” made just over 8 million dollars in theaters....

Lets see.... 8 X 3 = 24.

Meaning... there is no way The Condemned has made triple what id did in theaters.

Try again Ryan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Further Proof that is full of retards....

The biggest idiot over at wrestlezone has to be one Ryan Clark. The shit he posts is always full of errors, typos, or its the same damn article posted over again, here is what he has posted today....

Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE is trying to line up some huge surprises for the 15th Anniversary RAW special next month.


WWE has even contacted former WWE Champion The Rock for an appearance. If he did agree it would likely be a video segment and not live. Expect WWE to pull out some big surprises for the show.

You said this already.... plus this is kinda, no shit, as they always have surprises on their specials.

The 3-hour special will air Monday night December 12th. The show will start 1 hour earlier, at 8PM eastern.

Man, I am gonna be one confused person that week.... especially since MONDAY NIGHT, IS DECEMBER 10TH, NOT THE 12TH!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wrestlezone and PWInsider = RETARDS

Not a day goes by that I see some idiotic shit on wrestlezone, but today is just too dumb. Let me break this latest article down for ya... Its about the Nasty Boys having heat on them because of their Dark Match return...... This is proof that most people at Wrestlezone, didnt watch wrestling till the attitude era kicked in.....

As reported earlier, Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs re-formed as The Nasty Boys tag team at last night’s SmackDown/ECW tapings from Tampa, Florida to wrestle their first WWE match in many years. The dark match featuring the former WWF and WCW World Tag Team Champions has left a ton of heat on them both.

Ok, if this was reported earlier, then why in the fuck is the same exact thing being reported? Word for word???

According to Mike Johnson of, The Nasty Boys acted as if they were huge stars returning


and took far too much time to get to into the ring, interacting with friends and family members sitting at ringside. Brian Knobbs entered the ring with his back to the hard camera

Yes because, having your back to the camera.... in a DARK MATCH is a terrible thing to do.

while partner Jerry Saggs got into the ring way to close to their opponents Drew McIntye and Dave Taylor, making them look stupid.

You mean the Nasty Boys acted like... the Nasty Boys???!?! No way!!

After the match started, The Nasty Boys were said to have worked very stiff with not only McIntye who is only 21 years old but with Dave Taylor who is a well respected veteran.

Awwww poor little wrestlers getting their asses kicked by veterans who know their shit.

McIntyre tried to be respectful and take the abuse but finally had enough and began returning stiff shots. One backstage source that the dark match was one of the worst things that you could ever hope to see.

Yes, I am sure the crowd just hated seeing one of the most popular tag teams make a return to the ring.

The disaster of a match caused the SmackDown taping to finish up late, ending at 9:54 PM EST, leaving the WWE ring crew very little time to switch the set and ring for the live broadcast of ECW on Sci-Fi.

What pisses me off is this is not word from anyone that was there live. This is fucking wrestling news reporters on the net that think they know a bunch of shit. All I am seeing is bitching and moaning, about the Nasty Boys....


Monday, November 19, 2007

Jericho Will Be Back Tonight. Raw Preview

In cause you have been under a rock for the past couple months. Chris Jericho returns to the WWE tonight on Raw.

After a brutal night of battles at Survivor Series, sunny Fort Lauderdale, Fla., will feel the fallout when Monday Night Raw emanates from the Bank Atlantic Center.

Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, defeating Shawn Michaels. What will the WWE Champion have to say about his victory? And will HBK be looking to settle the score (or earn a rematch)?

With Raw's Triple H and Jeff Hardy surviving the tri-branded Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, will opposing team captain Umaga be on the rampage, seeking revenge for his humiliation?

And finally, after months of sleuthing by fans and cyber-cryptologists, what will happen when the billions of lines of binary code are finally broken and deciphered?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smackdown Spoilers - 11/14/2007

The show opened with Finlay against Jeff Hardy in a non-title match. A solid match that lasted a little under 10 minutes, I think, before Finlay was DQ’d for grabbing the shillelagh and trying to use it. Jeff ducked it, though, and grabbed it away from him. Finlay ran for cover.

An in-ring promo from the Undertaker was next. He got an amazing reaction. What he said was pretty short and sweet, that the "devil’s playground" of Hell in the Cell should be known as the Deadman’s playground and that Batista would rest in peace. Clips of Taker brutalizing people in Cell matches (HBK, Foley, Rikishi) aired throughout the show.

Next up was a diva’s tag match with Torrie Wilson and Mickie James against Beth Phoenix and Victoria. Beth pinned Torrie after that double wing into a slam move that she used on Maria Monday night.

A short backstage segment with the Hardys aired where Jeff told Matt that he had plans and had to go. Matt watched him leave and repeated the word "plans" like he found it funny.

It was then time for the VIP Lounge with guest Matt Hardy. They discussed their match on ECW, with Matt accusing MVP of taking advantage of Jeff when Kennedy yanked him to the floor, and MVP pointing out that he saved Matt from Kennedy afterwards. Matt pointed out that MVP hadn’t defended the United States title in a while, and more specifically he hadn’t defended it against Matt. So he suggested having a title match right then and there.

MVP said it was bad enough they had to be on opposite sides at Survivor Series, he didn’t want to wrestle Matt for the US Title, too. He said the two of them were friends now and shouldn’t be fighting. Matt finally told MVP off, saying they aren’t friends, they’d never be friends, and that he wanted his title shot.

MVP said it couldn’t happen because he’d arranged a tag title defense, and asked that the ring be cleared out and for their opponents to come down. John Morrison’s music hit and he made his entrance, then The Miz did likewise. Early on in the match, MVP grabbed at his leg like he’d pulled something and tagged in Matt. The story of the match became that Matt severely injured his knee, and Morrison and Miz kept working on it until Matt could barely stand. He was never able to tag MVP and ended up getting pinned to lose the titles.

MVP grabbed the microphone and, while making some boy-band jokes at the new champs, demanded to have his contractually obligated rematch for the tag titles right then. Morrison and Miz returned to the ring and a second match began.

MVP started the second match, but after about a minute he grabbed at his leg again and tagged Matt back in. Matt could hardly stand and was basically defenseless, ultimately giving up in a submission hold.

After the match, MVP helped Matt to his feet only to turn on him by kicking the injured leg. A pretty lengthy attack on Matt’s knee followed, with MVP taking the time to remove Matt’s boot and his leg brace and doing damage to the knee. He then bent Matt’s knee around the ring post a few times. Then he put the big metal stairs in the ring, picked Matt up, and dropped him on his knee on the stairs. MVP left to the biggest heat of the night and referees and officials came out to help Matt hobble to the back.

The next match was Mr. Kennedy against Rey Mysterio. It went about 15 minutes and was a very good match, I thought, though I’ll admit the fans (who were super hot for Rey) might have made it seem better than it was. I’d say Undertaker’s reaction was bigger, but the entire crowd was living and dying with Rey’s every move. The finish came when Kennedy got Rey up for the Green Bay Plunge and Rey countered it into a top rope hurricanrana.

Next up was the boxing style weigh-in between the Great Khali and Hornswoggle, hosted by Michael Cole. Not much of note happened: they both stood on the oversized scale, with Cole reading Hornswoggle’s weight in the 100's and then claiming the scale broke when Khali got on it. Then they stood next to each other to show off the size difference. Hornswoggle wept throughout the segment.

The main event came next, a no DQ match between Batista and Mark Henry. It couldn’t have gone longer than 2 or 3 minutes and was pretty much all Batista. He went outside and got the title belt, smashed it into Henry’s head, and got the pin. Afterwards he destroyed Henry outside the ring, smashing him across the back several times with a chair and then spearing him on the floor.

When Batista got back in the ring, Undertaker’s music played. The video screens showed a close up of Taker’s eyes, which he rolled back into his head. That’s where Smackdown ends.

Afterwards, JBL ran away from ringside and Batista posed and slapped hands to close the show.

Rumor then has it, that JBL went to the back and a fight ensued.

Source: PWInsider

A fight broke out backstage last night in Wichita, Kansas after SmackDown! was taped. After teh show was over, JBL gathered a number of WWE superstars together, including John Morrison, The Miz, MVP, CM Punk, and Matt Hardy.

JBL berated Miz and Morrison for their color commentary work on ECW. JBL was furious that the two made Punk look bad with their commentary. They were heels and were supposed to criticize Punk in a heel way, but JBL felt they went too far with it. JBL then yelled at them for their ring work during their match with MVP & Matt Hardy. JBL told Miz & Morrizon to apologize to Punk, MVP & Hardy for making all 3 of them look bad.

The Miz apologized, but Morrison told JBL “F*** you, it's none of your business”. He then said he would appoligize to Punk, Hardy & MVP, but not because JBL told him to.

The confronation went back and forth until Morrison shoved JBL. Several agents broke up the dispute before it got further than a shove.

WWE Magazine Spoils Chris Jericho's Return to RAW

Can WWE really be this stupid???

WWE has confirmed the return of Chris Jericho before it actually happened. The latest issue of WWE Magazine features Chris Jericho on the cover with the tag line “Chris Jericho: The real story behind Y2J’s shocking return”. On the cover photo Jericho is shown plugging in two power cables. The magazine will hit newsstands later next week.

As we have been reporting for over a week, WWE decided to go forward with plans to bring Jericho back on the November 19th edition of RAW (one night after Survivor Series). This became pretty clear during the Save_Us videos that aired on WWE television last night as the videos all but confirmed Jericho was coming to RAW next Monday.

A photo of the newest issue of WWE Magazine featuring Jericho is now online.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Carlito is going to be released.

Wrestlezone is fucking retarded. They post 28 god damn reports of Carlito being released at some point in the near future as soon as this week. Guess what, I here at UWR will have 1 report.

Carlito, at some point in his life, will be released. Later today? Tomorrow? This week? Next month? Who knows.

We wish Carlito the best of luck in his future endeavors at TNA.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chris Masters Fired

Chris Masters has been fired, we wish him the best of luck in TNA.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WWE Smackdown Spoilers 11-09-07

1 - The Major Bros. won a tag team over the top battle royal where the winner would face MVP/Hardy later on in the night. Other teams involved with Jesse/Festus, Jimmy Wang Yang/Shannon Moore, Drew McIntyre/Dave Taylor, and Deuce/Domino. Jesse/Festus were eliminated first (they were my pick to win it) when everyone ganged up on Festus to eliminate him while Jesse was down in a corner. Yang was eliminated next by Taylor as he was going for a top rope kick. Crowd was really into Yang and his highflying moves. McIntyre/Taylor were eliminated next and then got huge crowd heat on them with their antics on the outside after being eliminated. Major Bros won after holding the top rope as Deuce and Domino were going for a double clothesline.

Next was a brief promo between Michelle McCool and Torrie, where Torrie was quizzing Michelle on whether her and Chuck Palumbo were boring. Victoria interrupted with Kenny Dykstra and it led to their match.

2 - Victoria beats Michelle McCool after a spike DDT. Palumbo attacked Dykstra on the outside in the middle of the match.

Pretty long backstage promo from Rey Mysterio.

3 - Finlay beat Rey Mysterio with the Celtic Cross. Longer match, probably 15 minutes. Finlay looked like he was being very stiff with Rey, pulling off at least three moves that involved one of Rey's body parts hitting the ropes on the way down. I know that doesn't make sense, but watch the match and it will. Finlay had huge heat. One guy in my section kept cursing Finlay out while lifting his shirt up to reveal his tattoos. He was hammered and throwing gang signs at Finlay because he won.

Backstage promo with CM Punk/Vickie/Jamie Noble.

4 - CM Punk beat Jamie Noble with the GTS. I miss the Anaconda Vice. After the match, Miz ran in and attacked Punk. Punk fought him off only to then be attacked by John Morrison. Punk fought him off as well. However, Jamie Noble got the last laugh with a sick looking move on Punk -- he hoisted him up like the beginning of the GTS, threw him up and laid down and drilled two knees into his stomach.

5 - MVP/Matt Hardy defeated the Major Brothers.

6 - Undertaker defeated Great Khali in a No Holds Barred match with a triangle choke. About what you would expect from these two in that Taker's entrance was the best part of the match.


Well since Devon is a giant baby. I would like to introduce you to the new head of UWR. Me. Now hopefully the other fine writers that do excellent work on the blog here stick around and contribute. If not, hey its their choice. But if they stick around and continue work, they are more than welcome.

So stick around readers, things will for sure improve around here with new blogs, new thoughts, and better ideas.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Smackdown/ECW Newsflash

Scheduled for Friday Night SmackDown is The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali in a No Holds Barred Match, Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay, WWE Tag-Team Champions, MVP & Matt Hardy will be defending their titles and for the first time ever, ECW World Champion CM Punk will be on SmackDown.

One match is confirmed for ECW on Sci Fi. ECW Champion CM Punk is scheduled to defend his Championship against John Morrison. Also expect Superstars from the WWE SmackDown brand to be appearing on ECW.

Jeff Hardy is scheduled to be at the Smackdown/ECW Tapings tonight.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Batista - It took 2 Batista Bombs, but The Animal defeated The Deadman.
  2. HHH - Defeating Umaga in a Street Fight Moves The Game Up 2 Spots
  3. CM Punk - It was a good week for Punk after retaining the ECW Title.
  4. Randy Orton - Getting himself DQed moves the WWE Champion down 2 places
  5. Umaga - A tough loss to the HHH will not slow the Samoan Bulldozer down.
  6. Kane - Two wins over MVP in one week moves Kane up the ladder, but Big Daddy V may stop him.
  7. Matt Hardy - An injuried Matt Hardy moves down 2 places for not competing this week.
  8. HBK - a DQ win over the WWE Champion but no title for the ShowStopper.
  9. Jeff Hardy - A tough loss to Kennedy but a Tag Team win moves Hardy up a spot.
  10. MVP - 2 losses to Kane move the Ballin superstar down a spot.
  11. The Undertaker - A loss to the Animal and a vice grip from Khali doesnt help the Deadman.
  12. Rey Mysterio - A win in a stretcher match help the master of the 619.
  13. John Morrison - Becoming the #1 contender for the ECW title helps The Shaman of Sexy.
  14. Big Daddy V - This big monster destoryed Kane on Smackdown.
  15. Mr Kennedy - A win over Jeff Hardy moves the Loudmouth up a spot.
  16. Finlay - A loss to Rey Mysterio hurt Finlay this week.
  17. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch - Cade got an impressive win over Paul London.
  18. Paul London and Brian Kendrick - Another loss isnt going to get this team closer to gold.
  19. Jesse and Festus - Festus defeated Domino in singles action.
  20. Cody Rhodes - With Hardcore Hollys help, he defeated The World Greatest Tag Team.
  21. Elijah Burke - A win over Wang Yang helps the Elijah this week.
  22. Mark Henry - Mark Henry proved to be the most dominate monster in the WWE.
  23. The Miz - This was a bad week for the Miz with 2 losses.
  24. Tommy Dreamer - Dresses as Paul Heyman, Dreamer scores a win over Nunzio.
  25. Chuck Palumbo - Another win over Dykstra, but beating the same guy over and over isnt very impressive.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah Passes Away

WWE is saddened by the passing of Lillian Ellison, who was known to sports-entertainment fans as Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah. She passed away last night in Columbia, S.C.

In the world of women’s wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Fabulous Moolah. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport, or any sport for that matter. And with more than 50 years in the business to her credit, she established a legacy that will never be forgotten, making her name synonymous with female wrestling.

May the greatest womens champion of all time R.I.P.

Goodbye Moolah, thanks for the memories.

Friday, November 2, 2007

WWE Suspends two wrestlers, both active in angles!

The following is from

Chris Mordetzky has been suspended for 60 days, and DH Smith has been suspended for 30 days for violations of WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy.

Sucks to be them.

Chris Jericho is starting to piss me off.

Chris Jericho was on the "Bubba The Love Sponge" radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning. Jericho sidestepped any questions regarding his WWE return and said you can see him on his book tour. He did however mention that people have came up to him and said they have stayed home from work to order Cyber Sunday and asked him why he wasn’t at RAW in Philadelphia. Now see, this is where I start to get pissed. Both myself, and a lot of my friends spent money and ordered the last two pay per views, expecting to see Chris - and nothing happened. Now, either this is some huge stunt by WWE to trick us all in to ordering pay per views that in past years have had horrible buyrates, or it's some lame ass return, that's been so stretched out, now nobody cares anymore.

Bubba said that Jericho’s return is the worst kept secret in the business. He then talked about when TNA President Dixie Carter was on the show a few weeks ago and mentioned WWE’s deal with Chris. Chris and Bubba then joked about him signing a million dollar a year deal with TNA.

Chris went on to talk about his backstage fight with Goldberg, his book, and Chris Benoit.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

WWE Releases ECW Diva, Brooke Adams

WWE made the following announcement a few moments ago regarding the release of ECW Diva Brooke Adams:
Brooke released
Written: November 1, 2007

WWE has come to terms on the release of ECW Diva Brooke as of November 1. We wish Brooke the best in all her future endeavors.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WWE Removes Cruiserweight Championship!

- WWE has quietly removed the Cruiserweight Championship from the SmackDown superstars page on the official WWE web site. It is unknown whether or not WWE dropped the title altogether or just took it off of because there is no current Cruiserweight Championship with Hornswoggle moving to RAW.

Smackdown Spoilers - 10/30/07

From memory...

Batista opened the show, cutting a promo on how he's done alot of shit... faced alot of adversity in both his real life and his WWE career. But Sunday he did something he thought he might not be able to do, defeat the Undertaker. Then he asked if he could trust Taker tonight in their tag match (Taker / Bats vs. Henry / Khali)... lights went off with a gong and when they came back Taker was in the ring. Taker said Batista can trust him because he still holds what he wants, looking at the title. Batista agreed to a rematch, Taker made it a hell in a cell at whatever the next ppv is (survivor series??). Khali and Henry came out and said they were better teammates then their opponents.

Festus def. Domino

Vicky ran into Jamie Noble and gave him a Mysterio dvd. A very PARANOID Noble (new gimmick) asked why and she said it was because he would be going one on one with him later.

Mysterio beat Noble clean after a really good match... Finlay was doing commentary and got on the mic after the match to tell Mysterio he smelled his fear or something and would beat him next week.

There was a segment with MVP and Matt Hardy but the volume wasn't working.

Kane def. MVP clean (non title). After the match Big Daddy V killed Kane.

Henry and Khali translate some bullshit to each other to hype the match.

Mick Foley def. Coach with Hornswoggle as the referee. They did the "Mr. McMahon is the referee" gag which made Coach happy until the predictable Hornswoggle appearance. Not sure if this is gonna make TV or if it was just a match for the fans since Foley is from Long Island.

Chuck Palumbo def. Kenny Dykstra clean. Palumbo as a biker or something with McCool while Dykstra was escorted by Victoria (mmmmm).

Batista / Undertaker def. Henry / Khali via DQ. I don't remember exactly how this match ended but it had to do with the heels intentionally DQ'ing themselves after Batista had Henry primed for a Batista bomb. Everyone was all WTF NO WAY when he was setting it up. post match the heels obliterated the champ and number one contender via boring finishing moves.

Dumb show... didn't bother sticking for all of ECW.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Could Jericho be returning tonight at the Smackdown taping?

He may have spent most of his life living in Winnipeg, but World Wrestling Entertainment writers just didn't like the idea of wrestling hero Chris Jericho being billed from the Great White North.

"They didn't want guys to be from Canada if they were good guys," said Jericho, 37, recalling the policy change about three years ago. "So I said, 'Why don't you just say Manhasset?' That's at least where I was born."

Tonight promises to be a homecoming on two different fronts for Jericho. Not only will he be signing copies of his recently published memoirs, "A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex" at the Carle Place Barnes & Noble at 5 p.m., but he is rumored to be making his return to the ring after a two-year hiatus at the Nassau Coliseum for a taping of WWE's "Smackdown!" program.

"I never had any intentions of retiring. I just needed to take a step back," said Jericho, who spent his time off touring with his band, Fozzy, and doing some acting. But Jericho said writing a book, "helped me to remember the passion and the love that I had for the [wrestling] business."

"A Lion's Tale," which details Jericho's journey from a childhood Hulk Hogan fan through honing his craft in Mexico, Japan and, eventually, making it to the WWE, has drawn solid early reviews, including from Publishers Weekly, which called the book "Funny, insightful and compulsively readable."

Tonight's WWE event is the first on Long Island since controversy struck WWE when authorities say Chris Benoit killed his wife, son and himself in June. Jericho writes plenty about his close friend and mentor, in his book, which he completed more than a month before the deaths. In an addendum, Jericho addresses the incident, but otherwise left his remembrances of Benoit intact.

"He was involved so much in my life and especially in my early career, that you couldn't just edit this guy out," said Jericho. "It would be compromising my story."

Jericho, who moved to Canada when he was 5, has few memories of growing up on Long Island, but said performing here is always special.

"It's still always neat to see these words on a street sign of "Manhasset," and know that's what's on my birth certificate."

Source: Unknown

Monday, October 29, 2007

Eve Torres Wins 2007 Divasearch

The votes are in and Eve Torres is the winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search! Learn all about your new Diva and check out complete coverage of the competition.

WWE Cyber Sunday Results

- The WWE promo hits.

- A video package airs showing the importance of the fan voting behind the Cyber Sunday concept.

- A graphic opening then welcomes us to Cyber Sunday as we go live to the Verizon Center. A display of pyro goes off as well.

- Rey Mysterio defeated Finlay in a Stretcher Match. The stretcher stipulation got 40% of the vote to the Shillelagh on a Pole Match and the No DQ Match. Fans in Washington, D.C. were really behind Mysterio and Finlay got some great heel heat. The object here is to put your opponent on the stretcher and push him to the finish line. A shillelagh ended up getting involved in the match with Finlay using it on Mysterio. The finish saw Mysterio hit the 619 on Finlay knocking him onto the stretcher at ringside followed by a big flip dive on Finlay over the stretcher. As Mysterio was wheeling Finlay to the finish line, the stretcher got caught on some cable cord. Looks like both improvised big time at this point as Finlay got off the stretcher, but got knocked back on it and Mysterio wheeeled him to the finish to get the win.

- As noted on, they are continuing the speculation that Matt Hardy won't be competing tonight against MVP after suffering an injury on Smackdown. They showed post-match photos of Hardy who was clearly banged up and required stitches to his forehead. They show MVP confronting Matt backstage saying he agreed with the medical professionals on not clearing him to compete tonight. Hardy said he still wanted to compete. MVP said he heard a decision has already been made for his opponents tonight to either be Mark Henry, The Great Khali or Kane with the WWE U.S. Title on the line.

- At ringside, JBL was shown wearing a referee outfit saying the voting is close tonight. Voting is also available on for tonight's U.S. Title Match involving MVP defending against either Mark Henry, The Great Khali or Kane.

- A backstage promo was shown of Victoria and Kenny Dykstra dressed as Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna for Halloween.

- CM Punk defeated The Miz to retain the ECW Championship. The Miz won 39% of the vote. Gotta say this was a big shock here. Lots of ground wrestling early on between the two, which might have been an indicator that they didn't think the voting was going to go this way at all. Fans in Washington, D.C. where chanting "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" at The Miz. Despite the fan reaction, the match wasn't all that bad. Punk hit a quick bulldog on Miz that resulted in a two count. The finish saw Punk get the win with the Go To Sleep to retain the title.

- Backstage, Mickie James was shown wearing a Native American costume, while Torrie Wilson was wearing a Washington Redskins jersey.

- A video package aired looking at the current WWE Title situation.

- Shawn Michaels won 59% of the vote to face Randy Orton tonight for the WWE Title. They announced the two losers would face each other in a singles match next.

- Mr. Kennedy defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in a Non-Title Bonus Match. Hardy sent Kennedy to the floor early on in the match, with Hardy taking out Kennedy by leaping over the top rope. Hardy took out Kennedy with a quick huricanranna back in the ring. Kennedy blocked a Twist of Fate attempt only to get the Whisper in the Wind. The finish, which went down rather quickly, saw Hardy miss a dropkick and hit his head on the mat allowing Kennedy to cover for the quick pinfall.

- Backstage, Michelle McCool is dressed as Eve, while Melina is dressed like a Las Vegas showgirl.

- A JBL video aired (very political like and rather funny) to get fans to vote for him. Mick Foley also went for the fans vote as well tonight with the classic "yeah!" line at the end.

- Kane won 67% of the vote to earn a shot at the WWE U.S. Title against MVP.

- Kane defeated WWE U.S. Champion MVP via countout - MVP retains the U.S. Title. The match started with MVP avoiding Kane early on. Kane sent MVP into the ring post and started working on his ribs. Kane continued to work on his ribs with numerous punches, knees and kicks. The finish saw MVP simply roll out and fall to the floor and accept the countout finish. The crowd didn't seem to like this finish and who would for $40?

- Another "Save_Us" video aired.

- Promo for Survivor Series on November 18 aired.

- Backstage, Layla is dressed as a cop and Kelly Kelly is dressed up like a gangster.

- Backstage, WWE Champion Randy Orton talked about his upcoming title defense against Shawn Michaels. A video aired of Orton taking out HBK in the past and how tonight would be no different.

- Shawn Michaels defeated WWE Champion Randy Orton via DQ; Orton retains the WWE Title. Early on, Orton caught HBK with a big uppercut. They started exchanging blows in the ring until Orton took HBK down and started working on his left elbow that was taped up. HBK got a close pinfall after after counting a back drop attempt by Orton. Orton then got in a series of offense on HBK with a quick backbreaker. HBK responded with an flying elbow off the top, but Orton moved. HBK countered an RKO attempt by Orton into a close backslide pin. HBK finally connected with the flying elbow. HBK started to tune up the band as the fans got behind him. The finish saw HBK go for the Sweet Chin Music, but Orton ducked and low blowed HBK to cause the DQ. After the match, Orton looked to kick HBK in the head to put him out of action again until HBK jumped up to his feet and connected with the Sweet Chin Music on Orton.

- We saw a shot of Brooke dressed as Jane (from the jungle) and Jillian Hall is dressed as Britney Spears. Jim Ross called this the worst Halloween costume contest ever.

- A promo for WrestleMania 24 on March 30, 2008 aired. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

- The Street Fight stipulation won with 57% of the vote for Triple H vs. Umaga tonight. The crowd in Washington, D.C. didn't like this and obviously wanted to see a Steel Cage.

- Triple H defeated Umaga in a Street Fight Match. The match started right away with both brawling at the entrance area when Umaga came out second. The action spilled into the audience a bit until they both made it to the ringside area. Triple H brought in a trash can and cracked it over the head of Umaga. They brawled to the outside again and Umaga sent Triple H into the steel steps. Umaga tried to use a steel chair on Triple H, but Triple H caught Umaga with a low blow followed by giving Umaga a DDT over the chair. Umaga went to the outside and removed the top of the announce tables at ringside. Umaga took out Triple H with a splash through the ECW announce table. The action spilled back into the ring and Umaga attempted a splash, but Triple H moved. The finish saw Triple H get a sledgehammer on the outside. Once inside, Umaga attempted a Samoan Spike but missed. Triple H caught Umaga with the sledgehammer followed by a Pedigree and got the pinfall. Very good match.

- Plug for the 500th anniversary issue of WWE magazine.

- Todd Grisham revealed the winner of the Halloween costume voting. Mickie James won with 21%.

- They showed a video highlight package of the Batista-Undertaker feud.

- 13,189,061 votes were casted world wide, claimed Grisham.

Ref voting:
Steve Austin - 79%
Mick Foley - 11%
JBL - 10%

JBL interrupted the voting results, and climbed into the ring. Mick Foley came down the ring. Austin was declared the winner, but Foley and JBL brawled in the ring. Outcame Austin. Austin stuns Foley, but receives a clothesline by JBL. JBL went for the clothesline from hell, but Austin countered with a stunner.

World title match: Batista vs. The Undertaker (with Austin as the referee).

With JBL out of commission, The King has joined Cole in the Smackdown booth. Cole said this is Undertaker-Batista's fourth title match this year. Undertaker went atop to do the old school top rope walk, but Batista punched him to counter. Vintage Undertaker with a leg drop on the ring apron across Batista's neck. Batista caught Undertaker's vintage top rope walk/drop, and hit a spinbuster on the challenger. Chokeslam by Undertaker, but Batista kicked out. Spear by Batista, but only a two count. Last Ride by Undertaker, but it took alot of Undertaker. Two count, again. Spinbuster by Batista, but again, only two. Undertaker bounced back up on the mat. Batista bomb, but 2 1/2, and Taker kicks out.

A second Batista bomb, and Batista scores the pinfall victory at 17:25.

Show over.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update on the Jericho, WWE Viral Campaign, Cyber Sunday situation.

First and foremost, go check out, or Look at the countdown clock. Where it is right now, has it ending at 10:30pm tonight. So it's pretty much a lock that something is going down post-WWE title match tonight. Whether it's Jericho or not is still kind of up in the air. Check out this interview he did with the Long Island Press:
Here's what Jericho said about a WWE return:

You know, I can honestly say that I don't know for sure when, but I will tell you as well that even if I did I'm a magician. I keep my secrets and my tricks to myself, and I like that. I think it's one of the things I've always enjoyed about wrestling. And once again, going back to the way I was when I was a fan, I don't think it's fair or good for fans to know everything. And as much as it's great to have technology and it's cool that people know [more], I think it's also cool when people don't know, and that's something I've worked very hard to make sure's still good to be surprised. And I think that everyone will agree with me that in a day and age where people know things before they happen, I don't think that anyone is going to know my story until it happens. And I think people in a vacuum would rather have it that way.
So where does that leave tonight? It's entirely possible that the clock could be Edge, though it wouldn't make much sense at all. All signs have pointed to Jericho from day one, so for it to be anyone other than him would be really be shocking. I'll be disappointed if it's just Edge. WWE needs someone like Jericho back, more than they need Edge to return early. Plus, I can't see them devoting a campaign like this to Edge.

On the topic of the viral campaign, and more importantly the websites I posted up top, check out this article I came across.

-- We have very interesting news, more evidence that Chris Jericho is returning soon. Based on information gathered from a WHOIS search, and are registered to Joseph Perkins from Entertainment Services based out of Stamford, CT.

Joseph Perkins is a director for WWE. The following is news release from 2000 mentioning Perkins:

Joseph Perkins has been a Director since 1999 and is a member of the Audit and Compensation Committees. Mr. Perkins was a pioneer in the television syndication of wrestling matches and is President of Communication Consultants, Inc.

Now with the link with Perkins, WWE, and the SAVE_US domain websites it clearly is an indication that they have major plans for Chris Jericho's return. From my knowledge after studying years of marketing, it looks like the WWE marketing department has found other methods of advertisement instead of the traditional on-air Titontron with the Save_Us.222 and Save_Us.x29. It is something like what the team at Transformers did with the sector 7 website. Same idea but marketing a completely different product.

Now as many of you know, rumors have surfaced for a month or so that Chris Jericho is making his return to WWE. What I just reported is something to take into consideration but nothing is guaranteed. However, one thing is for sure. If they put so much time and effort to creating websites and putting links on to the save_us campaign, it will be something huge.
To say WWE don't have their creative minds in the right place with this would be wrong. They're doing a great job, and I just hope they pull through at the end, and don't have an 11th hour screw up. I'd expect tonight's pay per view to have massive buyrates. People want to see where this is ending.

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Batista - The Animal Sent The Deadman a Message with an explosive spear on Smackdown.
  2. Randy Orton - A tag team loss and a superkick moves the WWE Champion down a spot.
  3. HHH - The Game Got the Upperhand on Umaga in a Brawl.
  4. Umaga - Umaga gave as good as he got on RAW.
  5. Matt Hardy - A 7 inch gash in his head didnt stop him from beating Finlay and Mysterio in a tag match.
  6. CM Punk - The Straight Edge Superstar picked up a with on ECW with Balls Mahoneys help.
  7. Kane - The Big Red Machine picked up a huge win against Mark Henry.
  8. The Undertaker - The #1 contender chokeslammed JBL but got speared by Batista.
  9. MVP - The Ballin Superstar picked up a tag team win with Matt Hardy.
  10. Jeff Hardy - Jeff picked up the win for his team when he pinned Mr Kennedy.
  11. HBK - With Jeff Hardys help, The Showstopper picked up a tag win.
  12. Big Daddy V - Defeated Morrison and Miz in a Triple Threat.
  13. Finlay - Got the edge on Rey Mysterio with a shilleliegh to the gut.
  14. Rey Mysterio - A shilleliegh to the gut and a loss did not help Mysterio this week.
  15. Mr. Kennedy - Another loss does not help RAWs resident loud mouth.
  16. London and Kendrick - Picked up a win against the Tag Champions in a 6 man tag.
  17. Jesse and Festus - Another win helps this odd duo.
  18. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch - The tag champion were on the losing end this week.
  19. D.H. Smith - The baby bulldog got an impressive win in his Raw debut.
  20. John Morrison - The Shaman of Sexy Did not have a good week.
  21. The Miz - ECW's Chick Magnet had an even worse week.
  22. Cody Rhodes - Picked up a win against Shelton Benjamin on RAW.
  23. Chuck Palumbo - In a exclusive Chuck showed Dykstra The Full Throttle.
  24. Elijah Burke - Defeated Nunzio in a sprisingly competitive match.
  25. Balls Mahoney - With CM Punks help, Balls finally got another win on ECW.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The General's Cyber Sunday Predictions

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs HBK, Mr Kennedy or Jeff Hardy
CHALLENGER: HBK, not counting out Jeff Hardy due to all his fans(girls) however.
WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista vs The Undertaker: Special Guest Referee Stone Cold, JBL, or Mick Foley
REFEREE: JBL, unlikely though because of Austin's fanbase. Don't want to see Austin return for this match.
WINNER: Batista is walking away with the title somehow even if it means by DQ or countout.

ECW World Title Match
CM Punk vs Big Daddy V, John Morrison, or The Miz
CHALLENGER: Morrison, but The Miz seems likely too because I see him as one of those guys with a big fanbase due to his MTV'ers.
WINNER: Morrison if he gets in, CM Punk is it's The Miz.

HHH vs Umaga: Street Fight, First Blood, or Steel Cage
MATCH: First Blood, yeah I know it's unlikely but I'd like to see it.

Matt Hardy vs MVP: Boxing Match, Wrestling Match, or MMA Match
WINNER: Matt Hardy

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay: Stretcher Match, No DQ Match, Shillelagh on a Pole Match
MATCH: Stretcher Match
WINNER: Finlay

Divas Halloween Costume Contest
WINNER: Apparently Lilian Gracia is in it and I'd like to say her due to the album stuff, but I'm going with Maria.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Devon's Cyber Sunday Predictions

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs HBK, Mr Kennedy or Jeff Hardy
WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista vs The Undertaker: Special Guest Referee Stone Cold, JBL, or Mick Foley
REFEREE: Stone Cold will win, but Santino will pull some shit, and JBL will take over.
WINNER: Either Taker with an assist from JBL, or Batista by DQ.

ECW World Title Match
CM Punk vs Big Daddy V, John Morrison, or The Miz
CHALLENGER: John Morrison
WINNER: John Morrison

HHH vs Umaga: Street Fight, First Blood, or Steel Cage
MATCH: Steel Cage

Matt Hardy vs MVP: Boxing Match, Wrestling Match, or MMA Match

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay: Stretcher Match, No DQ Match, Shillelagh on a Pole Match
MATCH: Stretcher Match
WINNER: Finlay

Divas Halloween Costume Contest
WINNER: Mickie James

DarkDefender85's Cyber Sunday Predictions

WWE Title Match
Randy Orton vs HBK, Mr Kennedy or Jeff Hardy
WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavywieght Championship Match
Batista vs The Undertaker: Special Guest Referee Stone Cold, JBL, or Mick Foley
REFEREE: Stone Cold
WINNER: Batista

ECW World Title Match
CM Punk vs Big Daddy V, John Morrison, or The Miz
CHALLENGER: John Morrison
WINNER: John Morrison

HHH vs Umaga: Street Fight, First Blood, or Steel Cage
MATCH: Steel Cage

Matt Hardy vs MVP: Boxing Match, Wrestling Match, or MMA Match

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay: Stretcher Match, No DQ Match, Shillelagh on a Pole Match
MATCH: Stretcher Match
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Divas Halloween Costume Contest
WINNER: Mickie James

Kurt Angle suffers injury at Impact Taping.

- Kurt Angle suffered some type of neck injury during his bout with Sting at last week’s Impact tapings (that match will air tonight on Spike TV). However, Angle is still expected to work next week’s television tapings unless something changes.

Expect UWR to have more on this as it develops, and be sure to tune in to Impact tonight to see the match.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stone Cold bashes TNA on! posted an interesting article today with Stone Cold Steve Austin interviewing actor and former WCW Champion David Arquette. Arquette's WCW title reign is considered by many to be the epitome of the company's ineptitude during its final days.

As if David Arquette being interviewed on isn't strange enough, Stone Cold actually mentions TNA Wrestling in one of his questions. Austin asked Arquette:

"Knowing wrestling like you do, being in WCW for a little bit and now seeing the business today with really only WWE around — you’ve got some stuff in TNA but no major stars — who is your favorite guy going right now?"

It is very rare that WWE mentions rival promotion TNA Wrestling in any way.

Despite what Stone Cold says about TNA, their weekly television show iMPACT! draws ratings that are comparable to ECW on Sci Fi. As far as TNA having no major stars, Austin seems to have a short memory. He dropped the WWE Championship to TNA's top star Kurt Angle at Unforgiven 2001.

UPDATE: has removed the reference to TNA. Austin's question now reads: "Knowing wrestling like you do, being in WCW for a little bit and now seeing the business today with really only WWE around, who is your favorite guy going right now?"

Lillian Garcia's Album Bombs!

Source: Nielson Soundscan

WWE ring announcer released her debut solo album last week titled "Quiero Vivir!". Despite making many live appearances and having the WWE promotional machine behind her, the album's first week sales were disastrous.

Nielson Media Research, the company responsible for measuring and reporting television viewership ratings, has a subsidiary company called "Soundscan" that tracks the sales of music albums.

Soundscan reports that Lilian Garcia's new CD didn't even break the Top 200, selling less than 3,800 units. The number 200 on this week's list sold 3,897.

Related Content:

List of WWE Divas with no clothes:

Matt Hardy Injuried

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Matt Hardy suffered a 7 inch gash that required 35 stitches to lose last night in Kansas City at the TV tapings.

He was giving Rey Mysterio a splash mountain and Mysterio's knee brace caught him in the head. He was bleeding buckets and they had to stop the show to change the mat because of all the blood. At this point, his status for Cyber Sunday is uncertain.

10/26 Smackdown *SPOILERS*

Dark Match: Chuck Pulumbo def. Kenny Dykstra-both got good heat, pretty solid match.

MVP Lounge with Hardy/Finlay/Rey-hyped the tag match

Kane def Mark Henry-I thought Kane was going to do the job, glad he won.

MVP/Hardy def. Finlay/Rey-good match. Finlay turns on rey so that MVP/Hardy can pick up the win. Matt does a impressive blade job

Divas Segment

*Just a note JBL was getting massive heat all night. during commercial breaks we would chant JBL SUCKS*

Jamie Noble hits on Vicky, she puts him in a match with....

Batista def. Noble in about a minute

Jesse/Festus def. Nobodies in a short match

Big Daddy V def. Miz and Morrison in a triple threat.

JBL does a great promo before he interviews Undertaker. This guy has still got it. Undertaker comes out. JBL gets chokeslamed. Batista comes out, talks crap to Undertaker and then spears him(or was it a spinebuster?) as Batista is leaving, Undertaker gets up.

Dark match main event: Batista/Rey def. Khali/Finlay

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Update: Candice Michelle's Injury on RAW

Candice Michelle was injured after falling from the top rope in her match against Women's Champion Beth Phoenix on Raw. She was rushed to a local medical facility where it was determined she suffered a cracked clavicle.

Further tests are currently being conducted to rule out any other possible injuries. Candice will be out of action 6-8 weeks.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Candice Michelle Injuried?

WWE diva Candice Michelle may have been injured during her Women’s Championship match against champion Beth Phoenix. Candice tripped of the top turn buckle landing her right on her face. The match went to a quick finish and paramedics came out to the ring. Candice did sit up momentarily to drink some water but left the ring on a backboard.
The following comes from

Candice Michelle was knocked out after falling from the top rope in her match against Women's Champion Beth Phoenix on Raw. She was rushed to the hospital where she will be evaluated for a possible shoulder injury. will have more on Candice's condition Tuesday morning.


Chris Jericho has been interviewed on several radio shows in the past week to promote his upcoming book release. During the interviews, Jericho has been asked about his heavily rumored return to WWE. Each time, Jericho responds with vaugue and even misleading statements.

Contrary to what Jericho would like us to believe, reliable sources confirm that the plan is for Jericho to return to WWE at Cyber Sunday. However, if USA Network President Bonnie Hammer has her way, Jericho will return on an episode of RAW before the Pay-Per-view.

Bonnie Hammer has been very outspoken to WWE management about RAW's declining ratings. She has made countless storyline suggestions to WWE's creative team, none of which have been used.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exclusive: Armageddon Poster Revealed!

Pay-Per-View provider inDemand has released the promotional poster for the final pro wrestling PPV event of 2007 - WWE Armageddon.

Armageddon takes place on Sunday night, December 16th from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event is sponsored by the videogame "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare".

The poster features World Heavyweight Champion Batista standing tall with his belt in front of a destroyed city. If this poster is any indication, it looks like Batista will be successfully defending the title at Cyber Sunday and Survivor Series.

HUGE News for UFC: Brock Lesnar signed

During the UFC PPV tonight, former WWE champion and Wrestlemania XIX main eventer Brock Lesnar was seated in the front row. He was later interviewed by Joe Rogan and introduced as the latest signee for the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Lesnar made his Mixed Martial Arts debut this past summer, defeating Min Soo Kim in only 1:09 of the first round on June 2, 2007 at the K-1 Dynamite USA show in Los Angeles. Lesnar easily took down Kim and pummeled him with strikes for the win. Lesnar, who is expected to fight in UFC's depleted heavyweight division (Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture announced he was leaving UFC last week) told Rogan he was "ready for war".

After a monster push that included several WWE title reigns and victories over The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Big Show and main eventing Wrestlemania in his first-ever appearance on the WWE's flagship PPV, Lesnar walked out of the company in 2004 to attempt an NFL career. When he was cut from the Minnesota Vikings training camp, Lesnar turned down an offer to play for the NFL's European division. He worked briefly for New Japan Pro Wrestling, including a short run as IWGP champion before starting to train in MMA.

Lesnar has not wrestled professionally in the United States since his WWE departure, but did have brief negotiations with TNA several months back. His last professional wrestling bout was a loss to his Wrestlemania XIX main event opponent Kurt Angle during the debut of Antonio Inoki's IGF promotion in Japan, unofficially losing the IWGP title he won in New Japan (and later vacated, although he kept possession of the title belt).

There was no announcement as to Lesnar's first UFC fight.

Credit: PWInsider

Saturday, October 20, 2007

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Randy Orton: The WWE Champion in Still on Top after wrestling 3 matches on RAW.
  2. Umaga: Umaga Destroyed a Jobber in three seperated matches to prove a point to HHH
  3. Batista: Spearing JBL isnt going to help him in his upcoming match against the Deadman
  4. CM Punk: The ECW Champion picked up a win with Kane's help.
  5. HHH: Not wrestling on RAW moves The Game down 2 spots.
  6. Matt Hardy: The man that will not die picked up and impressive win with MVPs help.
  7. The Undertaker: Jamie Noble felt the cold hand of the Deadman on Smackdown.
  8. Kane: Helped CM Punk pick up a win on ECW.
  9. MVP: Helped his tag team partner pick up a win.
  10. Rey Mysterio: Showed Finlay he likes to fight as well.
  11. HBK: Was a superkick away from defeating Randy Orton, but Mr Kennedy had other plans.
  12. Jeff Hardy: He may be the Intercontinental Champion, but he is no match for Randy Orton.
  13. Mr. Kennedy: Did his best in a match with Orton on RAW.
  14. Finlay: The Fighting Irishman tired his best against Matt Hardy but came up short.
  15. Big Daddy V: Showed his not afraid on Kane on Smackdown.
  16. The Great Khali: The big man is having hard times since losing the World Title.
  17. Jesse and Festus: Defeated Elijah Burke and Nunzio on ECW.
  18. Chris Masters: Defeated Chuck Palumbo on Smackdown.
  19. John Morrison: Couldnt get in done in a Handicap Match on ECW.
  20. The Highlanders: Robbie picked up a win against Brian Kendrick.
  21. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch: Not being on RAW hurts the Tag Team Champions.
  22. The Miz: Was Chokeslamed to Hell on ECW by Kane.
  23. Chuck Palumbo: A Loss to Masters wont keep this biker down.
  24. London and Kendrick: The high flying duo need to get their heads back in the game.
  25. Drew McEntyre: Dave Taylor newest ally got a Major win.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kristal Marshall....YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Kristal Marshall was let go by WWE. She was dating Lashley and was just involved in a major storyline. More as it comes in....

Breaking News: Lex Luger suffers stroke!

Lawrence Pfohl (Lex Luger), 49, is listed in stable condition in the emergency care unit at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, CA.

We're told there was a major scare in his hotel room in San Francisco. Luger was in town for the huge fanfest this weekend.

The hospital will not confirm anymore details for us. There are different reports this evening on whether he had a heart attack or a stroke.

John Cena to be a Celebrity Apprentice?! is reporting that former WWE Champion John Cena will take part in NBC’s upcoming Celebrity Apprentice series. The accuracy of the report is already being questioned as many close to the industry feel that Cena will be dedicated completely to rehabbing his torn pectoral muscle, not taking part in a reality series. Hopefully we will have further clarification on this later today.

According to, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz will also be part of the cast alongside Gene Simmons and Carol Alt.

Chris Masters Injuried?

A fan report from Christopher Dale says Chris Masters appeared to be injured at the 10/18 SmackDown/ECW show in Nottingham, England. Kane and The Undertaker were in a match with Finlay and Masters when Masters went down and had to be escorted to the back by officials. The last 5 minutes or so of the match was a Handicap match. We'll keep you updated on any details on Masters' injury.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

HBK & Vince Have Major Altercation


Vince McMahon has a history of singling people out backstage and embarrassing them in front of other wrestlers. Last Monday when Shawn Michaels was the target of Vince's juvenile behavior, it blew up in Vince's face and left even Stephanie McMahon speechless.

Despite the fact that Shawn Michaels returned to WWE a month ahead of schedule, he still has heat with Vince. Shawn made it clear before he returned that he wants more control over his schedule. He won't be doing any overseas tours and will work a somewhat reduced schedule so he can spend more time with his family.

When Shawn showed up to RAW last Monday for the first time since his injury, Vince started "chewing him out" in front of the lockerroom. He made fun of Shawn's attitude and his clothing, among other things. To the surprise of everybody, HBK fired back at Vince and put him in his place. Shawn made it very clear to Vince in front of everybody that he won't be disrespected by anybody or treated like a rookie.

The wrestlers were shocked that somebody finally stood up to one of Vince's tirades. According to our source, nobody was more shocked than Stephanie McMahon. Witnesses were reportedly amused that Shawn humbled Vince in front of everybody. The McMahon's are not necessarily disliked by the roster but this definitely brought Vince down off his high horse.

Shawn and Vince have had a volatile relationship for well over a decade. There is no indication that this incident will have any ramifications on Shawn's WWE status.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Booker T Releases Statement Regarding Release!

As reported and confirmed by WWE earlier today, Booker T and Sharmell's release from World Wrestling Entertainment is effective October 27. These releases had been expected by some even before Booker's 60-day drug suspension from the company. It should also be noted that the decision was made by Booker and Sharmell to leave the company and not WWE.

Lic. Manuel R. Batista passed on a link to a statement by Booker T on his official website regarding his and Sharmell's release from WWE effective October 27:


We want to begin by thanking the many wonderful WWE fans that we have had the privilege of entertaining over the last eight years. Sharmell and I have enjoyed the opportunity to put smiles on your faces night after night. We also want to thank everyone in the wrestling community for their support of our very own P.W.A. (Pro Wrestling Alliance). The dream of bringing professional wrestling back to my home town of Houston, Texas is coming to fruition, and we have you to thank for it.

I want to address something that has been on my mind for quite some time now in regards to my recent suspension from WWE. I want to state for the record that I was not taking any illegal substance, or anything outside of my physician's care, and that the suspension was unwarranted. However, rather than fight the suspension or publicly voice my discontent, I used this recent hiatus to rest, work with the P.W.A., and reflect on the direction of my career as a professional wrestler. I also, for the record, have never at any time ordered anything from "Signature Pharmacy". This allegation is upsetting, and the careless and slanderous reporting of this matter is currently being addressed by my legal counsel.

I would like to also address any possible rumors or misinformation regarding our release from WWE. I had been unhappy for quite some time with the direction that the Company was going in. In fact, I asked for my release back in July for that very reason. However, after further contemplation, I decided to continue on with WWE because of my passion for this industry and my desire to entertain the fans. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that my unhappiness with my work environment was beginning to take a great toll on other aspects of my life. I knew that it was time to make some extremely tough decisions. Therefore, in the interest of my mental, physical, and spiritual well being, I along with my wife, asked for our release from World Wrestling Entertainment for the second time within months. We were graciously granted our release and we have since amicably parted ways. While the business relationship between ourselves and the WWE has ended, we will continue to be involved in Professional Wrestling. We hope that our loyal fans will follow us as we make this transition.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we will see you soon!

Booker T. and Sharmell

TNA Impact *SPOILERS* For This Week

(1) Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley wrestled to a no contest in the Fight for the Right tournament when Team 3D got involved in the match and beat them both down.

(2) Awesome Kong d. Talia Madison.

- Kurt Angle argued with Kevin Nash backstage. He said Nash cost him the title. Nash grabbed Angle around the throat and pushed him up against the wall.

(3) Frankie "The Future" Kazarian d. Lance Hoyt in the Fight for the Right tournament.

(4) Abyss d. Glen Gilberti.

- Black Reign attacked Abyss and put Misty the rat on him.

(5) Christian Cage d. Samoa Joe when Tomko and AJ Styles got involved in the match.

- Robert Roode attacked Samoa Joe with a chair.